I love my work, I hope it shows in the quality of every thing I do.

I began graphic design in 1984. Back when you had to draw the art, tape it to a mock up board and send it to the printer for photographing for printing. Then along came Windows and the Mac. I started with version 1.0 of Illustrator, Painter and Corel Draw and still have them as a reminder of where it's all come from. It's been great to grow and see all of the wonderful additions to the software available now.

Over the years I've done all sorts of end collaterals, print work of all types. From brochures and mailers to Invitations and greeting cards. In 2005 I began putting my art on tee shirts and other wearable and keepsake items. In 2009 I started my store here at Etsy and love every day of it. Making items for children has been very fun. It lets me do such cute art for them.

I am a one person show. I do all of my own designs, my own ordering, my own inventory, my own customer service and I print and mail each and every item right from here in my own office with my own equipment.

Some days I even get to eat lunch :-)

There's still a lot to be said for the "truly handmade" items here on Etsy. My items are made one at a time specifically for each person's child. You'll see that care in each item I send. My experience in making over 80,000 orders means that you will receive a quality product every time you order from me.

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